Never Doubt A True Hockey Fan

30 Jan

Being in Prague actually makes life a lot easier for me. Well, for the sports fan side of me. I am living in a place where hockey is the Czech’s version of football (American football), (soccer/futbol is a close second behind hockey). So, being the die-hard, overly obsessed hockey fan that I am, there was no chance that I was going to miss the 59th NHL All-Star game, especially with Jamie Benn playing for Team Chara.

So I was on a mission to find a place to watch the game….and I was not going to take no for an answer.

A few nights ago, the girls in my apartment building went to this little pub across the street to grab some beers before we went to Lucerna (an 80s/90s music themed club). The owner and only worker at the pub is Paul. He seemed like a nice guy, got us all our drinks and anything else we needed. When he explained to me that he gets a lot of the US hockey games, I could hardly contain my joy (until I realized the chance of the international station choosing to show the Stars game was rather slim). So I chatted with him, and as it turns out he would get the NHL All-Star game and said I could come Sunday night to watch the game. (After hearing this, I was close to leaping out of my seat and giving the man a hug).

Well, Sunday night came and I soon discovered that Paul may not be my best friend anymore. I went to the bar at around 10 p.m. to watch the game. This time, it was just me and one other girl from my building that went to the pub (my friend Drew joined me later). We ordered a round of beers and watched the game. After being at the pub for about fifteen minutes, Paul finally came over and asked me where all my friends were. I looked at him confused and explained that they were at their apartments. Paul, annoyed, began saying that I told him that I was bringing all of these people back with me to watch the game tonight and he had stayed open just for me and essentially I had brought him no business. Unsure of whether to pay for my beer and leave or continue watching the game, I decided with the latter option and deeply apologized. Paul then went on to say that we better order a lot of drinks and walked off scowling. Eventually, two other groups of people came. But, me, drew, and Dana felt kinda uncomfortable and tired and ditched the bar after the second period of play.

So, while I was successful in finding a place to watch the game and get my weekly dose of NHL hockey (I was having withdrawal)…I think I might just need to find a new pub to go to for my next game because as it turns out friendly Paul was not so friendly.


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